Alumni Spotlight – Rob McConnell 175th Class

Friday, December 8th, 2017

WHAT AM I CURRENTLY DOING AND HOW HAS THE CLASS HELPED ME GET HERE? Not knowing much about the lumber industry at first, this class was the first step in helping me grasp how lumber is measured and sold.

This first step has since propelled me through grading lumber, management, and currently sales and purchasing. I am currently in Purchasing and Sales with Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods.WHAT’S MY FONDEST INSPECTOR TRAINING SCHOOL MEMORY? Picking one memory may be difficult. There was the time when myself and five other class members loaded into a truck and drove three hours on a whim to eat at Lambert’s Café – home of the throwed rolls in Missouri. Or when most of the class headed to the dog track and ended up placing penny bets on races. I believe one of the guys won $100 that night. Or the couple of times we got together and played football at the park. Honestly I could keep going but meeting all those guys and the comradery that developed by working together would have to be the ultimate memory. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ASPECT OF YOUR JOB? Engaging with other mills and yards. I have the opportunity to see the industry as a whole versus just our single piece of the puzzle.

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