Alumni Spotlight! Where are they now?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? WHAT’S MY FONDEST INSPECTOR TRAINING SCHOOL MEMORY? It’s hard to pin point the best memory because the whole experience was one of my fondest adult memories. I describe this School to others as a three-month college experience.

One I often wish I could go back to. The overall reason I enjoyed and loved this experience would be the camaraderie and friendships I made while attending the class. We worked hard together during the week to learn our craft. On the weekends, we had dinner with one another, played flag football at a local park, and even went to some Memphis Grizzlies games. WHAT AM I CURRENTLY DOING AND HOW HAS THE CLASS HELPED ME GET HERE? I started working at Banks Hardwoods in November of 2003 and after putting in three years of hard work, was chosen to attend the NHLA Inspector Training School in September of 2006. After I graduated in the 151″ class, I returned back to Banks Hardwoods to apply the skills I learned over the last few months. I still had a lot to learn. While I knew all the Rules, I needed more time to learn how to apply them in a production setting. There was a lot of room to grow for me personally as a leader because I was still young and inexperienced. The School really sparked a passion in me to succeed as a grader and as a leader. Years have passed and I have learned a lot throughout my career. I have spent significant time grading a wide variety of species kiln dried and green. I have been blessed to continue working for Banks Hardwoods as a grader and group leader for fourteen years now! I applied my training that I received from the NHLA class to build a wonderful career, which I love and am very passionate about. This career has helped me support my greatest accomplishment, my family. I am married to a wonderful wife and raising three children. Without the NHLA School and my employer, I am not sure where I would be today. I am very grateful for what the NHLA School and Banks Hardwoods has help me achieve. I give all the thanks to God who placed Banks Hardwoods and the NHLA Inspector Training School in my life.

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